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PERSWADE Workshop on LabVIEW Fundamentals


Place: INRS-EMT, Place Bonaventure Site (800, de La Gauchetière Ouest, bureau 6900)

Date: February 3, 2015

OrganizersPERSWADE, and MuSAE Lab, INRS-EMT

Sponsor: National Instruments Canada

The Objective of this one-day workshop is to allow PERSWADE’s trainees and Graduate Students comprehend LabVIEW graphical programming environment, programming concepts, structures, techniques, functions, data types.

This workshop is well structured. It included six different timeslots and each timeslot includes 10-15 min concepts and simple examples, 30-40 min exercises. The instructors were on site to answer questions and clarify concepts, and gave a 10-15 min presentation on a possible solution and possible problems with other solutions. Students worked in a few groups.

Due to the limit capacity, this workshop only allowed 20 attendees. All PERSWADE’s trainees from CFA_20140917 were fascinated by this experience. Students commended, “That was a very comprehensive workshop for the LabVIEW fundamentals. It gave me the knowledge how some of our LabVIEW programmed equipment work in our lab and also it gave me a prospective how I can solve the problems I deal with in lab.”, “It was very interesting to have first hand experience on data acquisition and analysis via LabView.” “This workshop helped me to discover the realm of visual programming platforms. “, “This workshop made me learn job skills.”

View the photos of the event :

(photos by Liviu Ivanescu)