Our training program

PERSWADE’s research training program is structured around four major components:

1. Industry-oriented research projects
2. Industry-hosted internships
3. Topical courses and seminars
4. Workshops, panel discussions and summer school

Each of these elements is well-adapted to address one or more of the specific needs and new challenges arising from pervasive and smart applications related to wireless networks and systems (WNS) in the 21st-century digital economy.

Industry-oriented projects

All the trainees will work on a partner-oriented project with a topic pre-approved in one of the three WNS-related research clusters: i) smart communications, ii) smart monitoring, and iii) smart management.

Industry-hosted internships

An industry-hosted internship will be a cornerstone component of this industrial stream program. Each student enrolled will undertake an industry-hosted internship of a total duration of 9, 6 and 4 months, at the PhD, MSc, and BSc levels respectively, representing 20% of the research training time in each program level.

Topical courses and seminars

In addition to over 40 regular courses offered by academic experts across the five participating universities, we also offer short semi-technical/professional-skill courses or seminars on the following 8 key topics among others:

  • Awareness raising and green ICT
  • Intellectual property
  • New application-specific environment challenges and assumptions
  • Regulatory policies & issues and market perspectives
  • R&D tools and instruments (lab course)
  • Standard-compliant link-/system-level simulators (lab course)
  • Standards & specifications
  • Systems integration challenges (lab course)

Workshops, panel discussions and summer school

Panel discussions with industrial collaborators will help students learn from their first-hand experience. And workshops and summer school will help them disseminate their research project results and further develop their presentation skills.