Enrolling to the PERSWADE program as a student or postdoctoral fellow (PDF)  allows you to benefit from all its training components and commits you to participate in all of its activities (cf. Terms & Conditions). Funding will be offered to selected students based on their applications’ ranking (cf. Selection Criteria) and budget availability at each Call for Applications. Other students selected up the full enrollment capacity of the PERSWADE program, yet ranking below the funding threshold, will be offered admission without financial support from PERSWADE. However, funding aside, they will be entitled to benefit from all the training components of the PERSWADE program and will have to comply to its enrolment obligations in the very same way.

At the current time, PERSWADE will not provide stipends to PDFs; they are however eligible for  enrolment to benefit from all the program components.

Before submitting your application as a Student

Please carefully read all the information provided in the Program Guide (PERSWADE 13001G). It will help you decide if you should apply and how.

Program guide

Fill out your application form

Please download the PDF Application Form (PERSWADE 13001A) and carefully fill it out.

Application form

Submit your application form AND supporting DOCUMENTS

DO NOT COMBINE your application form and supporting documents into one SINGLE PDF file. Please proceed as follows:

  • SUBMIT your completed application form (PERSWADE 13001A) by clicking the “Submit Form” button to be found in its upper right corner. Please carefully read STEP 3 on page 9 in the Program Guide.
  • COMPILE all your supporting documents listed in the DOCUMENT CHECKLIST (except references and application form) into a readable PDF file or portfolio file, SAVE the latter under the filename format “Firstname_Lastname_PERSWADEsup.pdf”, then EMAIL it to:

Please be advised that it is your own responsibility to make sure that your application be properly completed, signed and submitted as required before the prescribed deadline.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us at 1-514-228-7013 or or