Our mission

To build upon the very strong Montreal-based university-industry collaboration to address the specific needs and new challenges of smart applications of wireless in all sectors of the 21st-century digital economy by developing an innovative, interdisciplinary, and integrative research training program in the industrial stream.

Headquartered at EMT Centre of INRS

The Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications (EMT) Research Centre is making scientific and technological advances in the strategic sectors of cutting edge telecommunication technologies and applications, materials, nanoscience & nanotechnology, photonics, and energy. These breakthroughs will lead to innovative solutions for Québec and Canada and will provide training for the next generation of elite scientists.

The EMT Centre plays a key role in many scientific networks here and around the world. It takes part in the activities of SYTACom, CRÉER, ReSMiQ, CRIAQ, and Prompt Inc. and promotes partnerships with the industrial sector.

For more info, please visit http://www.emt.inrs.ca/emt/centre/centre-en-bref


NSERC CREATE Training program in Pervasive and Smart Wireless Applications for the Digital Economy (PERSWADE) is a unique interdisciplinary industry-oriented applied research training program collaboratively supervised by top-notch researchers from five Montreal universities and ten industry partners, with upwards of M$1.6 in funding from NSERC, out of a budget of M$3.8 for 2013-2019.

The PERSWADE program addresses the specific needs and new challenges arising from the pervasive and smart applications of wireless networks and systems (WNS) in the 21st-century digital economy. The research scope of the program covers three main thrusts: smart communications, smart monitoring, and smart management.

The research will address challenges from various priority themes such as:

  • Smart Agriculture
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Disaster Prevention & Relief
  • Smart Electical/Hybrid Vehicles
  • Smart Environment Monitoring
  • Smart Grids
  • Smart Health Monitoring
  • Smart Homes & Offices
  • Smart Hospitals
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart Navigation
  • Smart Safety & Security Monitoring
  • Smart Transportation Systems
  • Smart Underground Mining

Obviously the list above is far from being exhaustive. Actually it invites oneself to ask the following question: Can one think of any existing or emerging application sector that could not benefit from WNS to make it smart or smarter? The obvious answer highlights the upcoming wireless opportunity upon which builds PERSWADE!

Added values

For students:
Great added-value for students provided with invaluable job-readiness skills specifically needed by the wireless industry and all its new industrial, economic and social application sectors.

For Professors:
Enrolled students will have access to PERSWADE funding opportunities with priority access to all PERSWADE activities and will also carry out an internship in industry that is relevant to their research projects.

For industry:
Great added-value for industries provided with excellent university trainees ready for the jobs of the future at lowest cost through industry-oriented research projects, topical courses and seminars, and industry-hosted internships, etc.